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Contact Center Maturity Assessment (CCMA)

Contact centers can add great value to an organization. The core of every organization differs, yet the same combination of universally accepted parameters apply: KPI's and financial ratios. Because of that essential 'valuation', The House of Contact Centers developed the Contact Center Maturity Assessment. The CCMA is a methodology that enables a quantification and tracking of the correlation between performance and value contribution. The content of the methodology is based on decades of professional experience, its structure is based on the IT process of ITIL.

During the assessment all 50 core-processes from the CCOM are evaluated: 'to be' versus 'as is'.
The discrepancies between current and desired performance provide the foundation of improvement trajectories and training programs that, if desired, can be developed by THoCC specialists. The versatility and experience of the THoCC resultants guarantee a measurable improvement in value.

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