Christophe Degrez, CEO Eneco België

From the beginning, Eneco Belgium has been focusing on Customer Experience. I firmly believe that offering the best customer service is a powerful USP in our industry. THoCC’s approach enabled us to realize value creation. Obviously, this did not come effortless. First of all, it is a strategic choice to look at customer service as an opportunity for value generation, and not as a cost. At Eneco, we looked at it as a value opportunity. We appealed to THoCC to help us, because they are the only party in the customer service sector with a substantiated methodological and calculated proposal.

The baseline measurement of our service’s maturity and all subsequent measurements enabled us to tackle all domains that were open for improvement, without loosing sight of the domains we already optimized. In a few years time, our customer service has evolved to level 4 out of 5 on the THoCC maturity scale. The strength of THoCC’s approach is that it addresses all customer processes and flows in the organization. Aiming for a general maturity level allows all domains to mature gradually yet continuously. As opposed to a temporary focus on specific domains. This absolutely is a valuable approach because the impact is no longer only on the customer touch points but on the complete customer journey.