Ad Nederlof, Founder & Chairman Vanad Group B.V. Ex CEO Genesys Global

THoCC is unique, and hence very popular in Belgium.

Their training programme is very good and well appreciated in Belgium. Completing THoCC's expert class boosts one's position, especially in the contact center world.

Level4 is a great tool to measure a contact center's effectiveness. It elicits improvements to the benefit of consumers, citizens, patients or whoever. Customers are unaware of THoCC's added value because they do not know the organization, but they get better service thanks to THoCC. I'd focus on brand awareness if I were THoCC. Conducting an annual customer satisfaction survey could be a great tool to that end. It would certainly be newsworthy for national media, yielding additional visibility for THoCC, while providing valuable input for its yearly congress.

Above all, THoCC is neutral. It's quite difficult not to grow fond of you, because you are all nice, down-to-earth people. The THoCC team is explicitely modest and this feature often yields them friendships, albeit businesslike friendships. This might be percieved as bias, but nothing would be more unjust. Objectiviness is THoCC's core value. THoCC's hospitality is widely known and everybody is always welcome to have a cup of coffee in Mechelen, but this does not mean anyone gets preferential treatment.