ECCCL 2022


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Waar? THoCC: Veemarkt 5, Mechelen
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A complete training program for contact center professionals.

THoCCademy offers an extensive range of practical trainings with a strong and complete theoretical context. The most important sources of inspiration are the own Contact Center Operating Model, academic associations (for example with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam) and our own research into different fields relating to remote customer contact. All of our trainers have an essential theoretical background but each one is also extensively specialized through professional experience.

The goal of each training: to empower contact center professionals at various levels within the organization to contribute in making their contact center more valuable.



Het vijftigste ContactcenterCafé brengt drie TED style getuigenissen van Level4.


Partner in education Thomas More

Thomas More University College in Mechelen has chosen THoCC to be its new ‘Partner in Education’.

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