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THoCC has performed over 100 Contact Center Maturity Assessments over the years. We have found that the average contact centers has a maturity level of 2.6 on a scale of five. Since the average target is 3.9, this means contact centers perform on average 54 % below their own level of ambition.

The Contact Center Maturity Assessment (CCMA) offers an opportunity to objectively and thoroughly determine the current and desired state of the contact center, both on itself as within the larger organization. Organizations that seek to put forth excellent customer contact as a strategic advantage benefits greatly from insight into the maturity and cohesiveness of all processes that influence it.

The CCMA is the foundation of a roadmap, meant to support the organization along the way to a higher maturity level. Whether this road is taken alone or with the help and expertise of THoCC, the assessment and the roadmap offer (contact center) management a reassuring and objective framework by which to measure progress and added value.

Interim- and project management

THoCC's service is based on a 'home made' Contact Center Operating Model © or CCOM. This includes a structured overview of all the elements that an organization should be able to control in order to carry out the contact center strategy.

The past decades, THoCC has built a team of experts in the field who are specialized in translating the customer contact strategies to operations and vice versa. The most important mission of THoCC resultants is to lead contact centers to Level 4. All of our resultants have achieved the 'Level 4 Mastership', meaning they are able to respectfully implement the Contact Center Operating Model ©in every organization.


On top of the Level 4 Mastership, everyone on our team has their own area of expertise within the remote contact contact field and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. This means that every aspect of the THoCC services exist in form of training. The business unit that focuses on training is called THoCCademy. Since 2005, THoCC has been building a complete curriculum of effective education and training programs.


Because there is a great need for research in the field, THoCC has founded Level 4 Lab. Our lab is a live contact center that specializes in researching processes of client interaction in terms of people, processes and technology.